Valentines & PJs

Friday February 12th, 2016

Valentines Lunch and Pajama Day

As I'm sure you've heard, our students have been sitting through lots of testing in the past few weeks. Between Practice EOGs, MAPs, and MCLass, we've been doing way too much sitting still and working silently lately! To reward our students for how hard they have been working, we decided to have a Valentines Party and Pajama Day! This Friday we are going to have a relaxing day in our PJ's and enjoy a lunchtime Valentines Day celebration in our classroom.

Our celebration will be during lunch time in our classroom, and we will have sweet treats and crunchy snacks. You may want to still send your child to school Friday with a light lunch or money to get something from the cafeteria, like a protein item or something healthy.

So how can I help?

If you would like, you can support our class party by sending in a special treat to be enjoyed during lunchtime! Sign up in the Google Sheet linked below.

Do I need 27 Valentines?

If your child would like to pass out special store-bought or homemade Valentines to give to classmates, they are welcome to do so! I will also print Valentines on colored paper that students can decorate themselves and give to their classmates, if you would rather not buy or make them at home.

Please do not attach candy to Valentines--we will have lots of sugary goodies at our party! :)

If your child would like to pass out Valentines, I do ask that they make one for every student in the class. I've included a class list below. Thank you for helping to make this a successful celebration!

1. Xavier Banks-Tenant

2. Jonah Baudrand

3. Lola Calderon Roush

4. Brayden Carland

5. Dax Chatham

6. Finn Connelly

7. Beverly Cranford

8. Zamyah Dean

9. Amaya Demps

10. Kendra Fulgenzi

11. Keylon Griffin

12. Ethan McCombs

13. Owen Huff

14. Molly Hunt

15. Quinn Love

16. Maurice Metz Sacrison

17. Noah Rabin

18. Kessie Ragland

19. Colette Russ

20. Autumn Stoehrel

21. Aiden Sullivan

22. Ariella Valdiviezo

23. Kyah Vrooman

24. Alisha Watkins

25. Sebastian Whitt Chavez

26. Jack Yeiser

27. Kate Hackett