Eye of the Storm

Parent News - Week of July 24, 2023 - Back to School Edition

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Message from Principal Roberson

Hello Mighty Cane Families and Friends,

We are looking forward to a great school year. There are so many new and exciting things that we will be doing this year. Celebrating your student's achievements in academics and athletics is a big deal at Hightower High School. It is also our responsibility to ensure safety and behavioral growth of our students.

The new year starts with week with our freshmen fish camp. Welcome to Hurricane Nation!

Thank you for all that you do to support our efforts at educating your students in a safe environment; and thank you for being "Committed to Excellence!"


Mr. Roberson, Principal

School Motto

Last year we have adopted a new school motto to "BE the STORM." The STORM acronym stands for...

  • S - Servant Leadership
  • T - Teamwork
  • O - Ownership
  • R - Respect
  • M - Motivate and Inspire

This is our pledge to our students.

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Upcoming Events to Calendar!

Fish Camp - Friday, July 28th

Parents, please bring your incoming freshmen students to our Fish Camp on Friday. It's our "Storm Watch" event. Here's our agenda:
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Meet the Canes - Saturday, August 5th

All HHS parents and students are invited to our community pep rally to kick off the new school year. It will be a fun event and a great way to get things started with music, cheer, food trucks and more.
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August 9th - Student's 1st Day of School

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Immunizations are Important

There is still time to ensure that your child has met all vaccine requirements. Use this link to find more information regarding dates and location for immunizations: https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/657.

The flyer below show clinics and vaccine event dates.

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School Supplies

The district has posted recommended school supplies for students in elementary and middle school. Here's the link: https://www.fortbendisd.com/Page/1055. However, on the high school level, it depends on the courses in which students are enrolled. Students will receive a syllabus from most of their teachers and those needs will be outlined accordingly.

It is important to note that we expect students to arrive to school each day prepared to participate with basic tools, such as a section binder with paper or spiral notebook, pencils, pens, and highlighters. If a student is participating in fine arts or athletics, those supplies will be more specialized.

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Parent Support

In addition to what we've shared in this newsletter, be sure to visit the Parent - Student district webpage to find more support information regarding the following - https://www.fortbendisd.com/domain/173:

  • Bus Locator
  • Code of Conduct
  • Extended Learning
  • Student Handbook
  • Naviance

Skyward Family Access

New and returning student information must be verified each school year through Skyward Family Access.

2023-2024 Bell Schedule

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Modified Block Schedule

Please be aware that Hightower High School is one of three high schools who will have a modified block bell schedule. What is important to note is that each weekday morning, classes will begin at 7:30 a.m. Students will have 8-period days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday [45-minute classes]. Then they will have four block periods [90-minute classes] on Tuesday and Thursday. The 2022-2023 Bell Schedule is attached. A strict tardy policy will be enforced.

2023-2024 Instructional Calendar

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Child Nutrition

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School Meals

Fort Bend's Child Nutrition Department offers quality, nutritious meals and a la carte food items daily. An a la carte menu is available for download below. Parents are responsible for any charges incurred by their children in the cafeteria.

To add money to your child's food account, please use the following link: https://www.schoolcafe.com/fbisd.

Paid Meal Prices

  • Breakfast - Students $2.00
  • Breakfast - Adults $2.50
  • Lunch - Elementary $2.75
  • Lunch - Secondary $3.00
  • Lunch - Adults $4.25

Reduced-Priced Meal

  • Breakfast - $0.30
  • Lunch - $0.40

Breakfast Hours Range:

  • High School 6:45 a.m. - 7:30 a.m.
  • Middle School 8:15 a.m. - 8:50 a.m.
  • Elementary 7:30 a.m. - 8:05 a.m.

Lunch Hours Range:

  • High School 10:15 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.
  • Middle School 10:15 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Elementary 10:15 a.m. - 1:30 p.m

If you need to complete an application for free or reduced meals, please visit this Child Nutrition Department link: https://www.schoolcafe.com/fbisd.

Attending District Sponsored Events

Student Behavior at Campus Events

Our fall sports and events are underway, and we are excited to support all student organizations and show our Hurricane Pride! Since spectators were extremely limited last year, we wanted to provide a few reminders of FBISD and HHS behavior and sportsmanship expectations at all athletic, extra-curricular, and fine art events. FBISD & HHS Student Code of Conduct guidelines are enforced at all athletic, fine arts, and club/organization events. This includes riding on district transportation and attending off campus events.

The following behaviors at any extracurricular event could result in a person’s removal from the event and/or other consequences for HHS students determined by administration. Egregious misbehavior could also result in the student or spectator being banned from future events:

  • Any violation of standards set by the FBISD Student Code of Conduct
  • Rushing the court/field
  • Profanity
  • Heckling of the players and/or officials
  • Verbal and/or physical aggression
  • Any other behavior administration deems inappropriate
  • Use of silly string
  • Use of noise makers
  • Throwing objects including water, confetti, baby powder, or any other objects is prohibited at any UIL sanctioned event

Your support is greatly appreciate to help inform our students of these expectations.

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Follow us on our website and social media for up to date information.

Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.


Dress code in FBISD is designed to reduce any distractions from the learning environment; and to guide our students on how to present themselves in a respectful manner. We are asking our parents to observe your child before he or she leaves for school. Dress code will be strictly enforced in our district and at Hightower High School. Students who are out of dress code will be asked to make the necessary changes. They will be given a few warnings before it becomes a discipline issue. Thanks for your support!
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Assistant principals and counselors are assigned students by alpha split.


Andre Roberson - Principal - andre.roberson@fortbendisd.com

Mary Green-Lee - Dean of Instruction - mary.green@fortbendisd.com

Dr. Efrem Pierce - Dean of P-TECH - efrem.pierce@fortbendisd.com

Elizabeth Brewer - Assistant Principal (A-Col) - elizabeth.brewer@fortbendisd.com

Stephen McCormick - Assistant Principal (Com-Her) - stephen.mccormick@fortbendisd.com

James Kirkpatrick - Assistant Principal (Hern-Mil) - james.kirkpatrick@fortbendisd.com

Alisha Gregory - Assistant Principal (Mim-R) - alisha.gregory@fortbendisd.com

Jesse Hayes - Assistant Principal (S-Z) - jesse.hayes@fortbendisd.com


Angela Garcia - Lead Counselor (A-Bog) - angelam.garcia@fortbendisd.com

Latonya Hamilton - Counselor (Bon-Flo) - latonya.hamilton@fortbendisd.com

Nicole Nguyen - Counselor (Fog-Jor) - nicole.nguyen@fortbendisd.com

Latisha Saunders - Counselor (Jos-Nol) - latisha.saunders@fortbendisd.com

Jasmine Riley-Akpabio- Counselor (Nor-Sep) - jasmine.rileyakpabio@fortbendisd.com

Romanda Poore - Counselor (Ser-Z) - romanda.poore@fortbendisd.com

Danielle Anderson - P-TECH Counselor - danielle.anderson@fortbendisd.com


Jackie Hidalgo - jackie.hidalgo@fortbendisd.com


Molly Myers - Campus Assessment Coordinator - molly.myers@fortbendisd.com