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Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Teaching Construct 1.2: Learner Differences

Teachers should recognize and foster individual differences to establish a positive classroom culture. They should address the need and strengths of all students throughout the teaching-learning assessment cycle. They should ensure that all students are valued, treated with respect, and enabled to grow as independent learners. They should maintain a classroom culture personalized for academic success and personal growth.

Sometimes allowing for student choice is a great way to honor individual learning needs. Read the article below on how to incorporate student choice into your classroom!

What's one way you could take content in your classroom and make it meaningful to your learners?

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What's Next for Mentoring?

I have finished most of my 4th and final round of observations for this semester and am enjoying our follow up discussions. I have been impressed to see all the learning that is still going on in classrooms even though we are so close to break! I promise the more structured you are and the more you stick to your normal routines, the smoother this last week will go for you and your students!

Some up and coming face-to-face ETMs are as follows:
  • 1/13/16 K-5 Literacy Strategies Across Content
  • 1/13/16 6-12 Literacy Strategies Across Content

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A Little Something Extra to Make you Think

Watch this heartfelt video about how a teacher recognized the unique needs of her students and how it affected both of their lives.
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