Wildlife Cameras

Wildlife Bird Box Cameras for the Garden

From our section you can see in real time which occurs at certain locations in the UK, how is the life of animals. It is possible to see in real time thanks to IP network cameras installed in there. These cameras had to be robust, capable of capturing high quality images and weatherproof and inclement environment. Furthermore, it is required a management application intelligent video (VMS) to allow proactive detection animal movement.

Our fully assembled nesting box kit must be reliable and thus help to stream avoid undue disturbance on the mounted up before breeding season starts. We urges This kit is ideal for adding to the an existing Nest Box Camera have mange other uses too. This high quality mini camera kit being delivered to your door ready assembled with simple set-up instructions. The top of the range video camera with light sensing infrared (IR) night vision giver outstanding color images during the day and black & white images at night. Inside the nest box we design microphone so you can hear as well as see what is going on.

Bird box has a sliding small tray in the roof to house the camera and connections. A quick partying camera is also mounted for å keep the Wildlife Camera in optimal position. The camera - All our Bird-Box Nesting Camerasare produced banquets own specifications and strict standards.