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Guidance Lessons:

Kinder: Students dived deeper into Kelso's Choice "talk it out" and learned how to use their words to solve a problem. The strategy we teach is called "A Bug and a Wish". This is an introduction to using an "I Feel" Message. Students practiced saying "It bugs me when you_____ and I wish you would ________". Please ask your student to teach you how to use a Bug and a Wish!

1st: First grade students practiced using a Bug and a Wish in different scenarios that might come up! They heard different types of small problems and then practiced saying "A Bug and a Wish" with eye contact and confident and calm voices with a partner.

2nd and 3rd: Second and third grade students learned about respectful and non-blaming communication to use when there is a small problem: An "I feel Message" or an "I Message". Students practiced saying and "I Message" with a partner and responding to an "I Message" with active listening responses with different scenarios.

4th: Fourth grade students went deeper into understanding and practicing respectful communication. They practiced saying "I feel Messages" and responding with active listening skills and working together with partners to solve problems.

5th: Fifth grade students learned about Cyberbullying and ways to stop it: Give Support, Be an Upstander, and Report to an Adult. The students watched a video about a real life story of a girl who learned about being kind and safe online and thought critically about what they would do if they were in a chat that turned into a bullying situation for themselves or others.

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Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming to the second Parent Partnership with Mrs. Hargrave and I! We love getting to connect with parents and work together to support our students. Say tuned for another Parent Partnership Event happening soon!

Lunch Bunch!

Lunch Bunches are getting started for the month of February! Lunch bunch is a fun, informal way for your child to meet other students in their grade and have lunch with them in the counseling office. It's a great way for students to connect with one another and share experiences and solutions together.
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National School Counseling Week

It's National School Counseling Week! I am feeling extra thankful this week to be a part of an amazing community. Thank you Findley families for giving me the opportunity to be in your child's life. I am filled with joy each day by your children! I thank you for the partnership, communication, and dedication you give each day as their parents. I am so lucky to be the school counselor at Findley Elementary!