Andrew Jackson

the great hero

War of 1812

Andrew jackson was a Major General in the United States Army during the War of 1812, and later served as the seventh president of the United States. He served in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate on the Tennessee Supreme court and as the military governor of Florida .

bank destruction

Jackson stated the united states will no longer use the national bank. as the common man he is, he thought that the national bank favored the rich and looked down on the poor later that year, jackson presented his case against the bank in a speech to congress; to his chagrin, its members generally agreed that the bank was indeed constitutional. still, controversy over the bank lingered for the next three years

Nullification proclamation

On December 10, 1832, President Andrew Jackson issued the Nullification Proclamation, which stated that states and municipalities are forbidden from nullifying federal laws. Although congressional compromise soon defused the situation, Jackson's proclamation made it clear that he believed the federal government was the supreme power in the United States and he was willing to use the military to ensure its supremacy

video of Andrew Jackson's presidency

#07 Andrew Jackson
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the downfall of mother bank

Andrew Jackson is destroying the national bank with his "powers" and there is a common man looking over his shoulder and smiling.the man is smiling because he dose not like the national bank,the average common man believes that the national bank favors the wealthy