Wolfpack Howler

Volume 18 Issue 17

Learn to work and think for life.

Greetings Wolfpack Students and Families,

First, I want you all to know that I hope you are well and taking care of yourself and each other - your Wolfpack family has been thinking of you each and every day of these unprecedented times and are here if you need anything. There are so many feelings I’m sure all of you are experiencing right now, and we want you to know we are feeling those too. Our staff has been working on how to best connect with their students and continue to provide learning opportunities for your students to engage in - at whatever level works for you. We recognize that our families have different situations regarding internet connectivity, device availability, multiple family members sharing devices, and more!

Here’s some main points on what to expect starting next week:

  • Our Goal: Manageable and Meaningful Continuous Learning Opportunities for Students

  • MONDAY, March 30 - Teachers will begin offering continuous learning opportunities for students - we will be working to have both online and offline options available as the week goes on, so watch for information on when and how we will be making printed copies of work available for pick-up at West Valley.

  • Week 1: Reconnect with classes

    • Each class will start with one weekly learning activity/assignment for students. Each class will also aim for their activity/assignments to take students no more than 2 hours a week (please contact the teacher if assignments are taking longer than that for your family).

    • Each class period will have ONE possible virtual meeting time a week (see schedule below) - this time is not required for students and not all teachers will be meeting during that time, but check email, PowerSchool Learning, and Google Classroom for more information (this time would be in addition to the activity/assignment time)

  • Focus on Feedback: Teachers will be focusing on providing feedback to students as they engage in activities

  • Teachers will be scheduling Office Hours where they will be available online or by phone for students and families - Check out our Family Closure Resource Page for Information such as this next week

  • **ELearning Courses - expectations will be different, watch for an email from Ms. Coria tomorrow (Friday)

I know there are still so many questions about grades, checking out Chromebooks, getting needed materials, seniors especially have questions about graduation - we are still working on all of those questions. I shared this message in the video below that I posted on social media, but wanted to share it again. We know what’s being asked of you is HARD - Staying home, away from your friends, you can’t go to the gym, can’t hang out, maybe you’re now in charge of watching younger siblings, living in this state of unknown - scary, stressful, we’re right there with you. But I’ve said this to some of you and I want to remind all of you - You can do HARD things. One thing we know here among the Wolfpack is our motto, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” (Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book). And right now, we are being asked to do something that is hard, but it’s for the whole Pack.

Last, I apologize this is the first time you're receiving information from the school - things have been changing so often, as soon as I was ready to send something it was outdated. I hope that the information in this email answers some of your questions and addresses some of your concerns, please know as we get things in motion, we will provide more regular information.

Teachers look forward to reconnecting with you next week.

It’s not the same without you here, I miss you all!

Thanks for your patience as we figure this out together and please take care.

Sarah Gillam

Principal, West Valley High School


**Students: Below is a guide for you to plan your week -

Consider checking in with all of your classes on Monday for the weekly activity/assignment in each class and if the class is ‘meeting’ during the Optional Online Time. Not all teachers will be using the online time, and those that do, will provide recordings of activities.**
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If your PowerSchool Password is less than 8 characters long...

More Information on Food Distribution for Students

Click here to find the daily schedule for where breakfasts and lunches can be picked up for students.

FNSBSD - School Closure Information

Click here to find all of the most recent information and all communications to families about the school closure. Community Resources can also be found on this website.

West Valley High School - Teacher Resources Page

Check back to this page on Monday, March 30 - Information will be uploaded here for individual teachers.

Need to Pick-up Items from School?

Call our front office at 479-4221 ext 0 to find a time to schedule a pick-up of school items. We can collect items from regular and music lockers (we are still working on PE lockers).

Next week we will also be sharing information on Chromebook check-out to family - if you noted that as a need on your check-in survey, please know we will be reaching out again once we have a plan.

For the Pack

Counselor Contact Information

WVHS Counseling Office: 479-4221 ext. 46520

Mr. Blackburn - A-G (10th-12th) ext 46525 - willie.blackburn@k12northstar.org

Ms. Everts - H-N (10th-12th) ext 46527 - paula.bettano-everts@k12northstar.org

Ms. Gillis - O-Z (10th-12th) ext 46523 - karin.gillis@k12northstar.org

M. Johnston (interim) - all Freshmen ext 46524 - colleen.johnston@k12northstar.org

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West Valley High School

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” – Rudyard Kipling