Chalkville Chatter

December 2017

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Making Sense of Math

Parents are bombarded with messages to read with their children, but it’s rare to hear about the importance of doing math with them. Here are some helpful tips on why and how to instill a love of math in your children.

Play Games: adding and subtracting speed drills

Count everything: steps, signs on the road, french fries, light switches in the house – EVERYTHING

Find Patterns and Shapes: noticing math in our world establishes a need to understand

Technology: Compass Learning and Stride Academy are free to all Chalkville students and a great way to build math skills

The goal should be to make math “real” and meaningful by pointing it out in the world around you. That could include checking and comparing prices at the grocery store, driving down the street counting mailboxes, reading recipes, calculating coupons, or even measuring food or drink at the dinner table. I encourage every parent to show their children ways that math impacts our world daily.

School News

AttenDANCE Challenge

Each day a class has perfect attendance (no absences, no tardies, or checkouts before 1:00) the class can earn a letter.

When the class spells DANCE, the entire class has earned a...


Upcoming Dates

December 12

PTA Program 6 pm

December 19

End of first semester

December 20-January 5

School closed for mid-year holiday

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Flu Shot

Health Hero Flu clinic will be held at the school on January 9, 2018. Please return your child's consent form by Friday, December 15 if you wish for them to receive a flu shot.

Please remember to save and send Box Tops for Education and Tyson A+ chicken points!

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November Winners

Top Classes







5th Grade Winners

1-Yazmin Lofton

2-Jaylen Amamoo

3-Keshaun Bellard

4-Carmen Patton

5-George Mauldin

6-Roderick Miller

7-Christian Tortorici

8-Brooklyn Kimbrough

9-Ariyanna Howze

10-A'miia Medina

4th Grade Winners

1-Jayden James

2-Fanta Cisse

3-Tyler Chapman

4-Marques Maddox

5-Tyree Finley

6-Makayla Whitlow

7-Alonzo Sanders

8-Thomas Tubbs

9-Jalen Pritchett

10-Ja'Mariea Taylor

3rd Grade Winners

1-Evelyn Stanfield (#1 Score in school!)

2-Christopher Rutledge

3-Robert McDonald

4-Kadell Wright

5-William Goodloe

6-Va'richia Wood

7-Jasmine Carter

8-Jeremiah Garner

9-Jeremiah Hill

10-Kaylee Melton

2nd Grade Winners

1-Austin Snow

2-Jayla Watkins

3-Ryan Taylor

4-Maria Crider

5-Christian Morrison

6-Tayliyonna Butler

7-Daylen Long

8-Ja'Kendalin Aguillard

9-Matthew Hurt

10-Daizha Jeff

1st Grade Winners

1-Saira Butt

2-Ivy Marbury

3-Chloe Jones

4-Bryson Holmes

5-Kenneth Hunt

6-kendalyn Powe

7-G'Kobi Robertson

8-Ryan Huang

9-Piper Thompson

10-Kamryn Thompson

Kindergarten Winner

1-Benjamin Quarshie

2-Carlos Ramirez

3-Marco Thomas

4-Jeremiah Hunter

5-Joe Wiimes

6-Jayden Crosskey

7-Uriel Irish

8-Ja'Maya Blackmon

9-Bralynn Fluker

10-Jacobi Watson