West Texas Explosion

Presentation made by: Eva Fox

Group Members: Eva Fox, Sarah Wylie, and Kryslyn Autrey

How did this happen?

At around 7:00 pm on April 17, 2013, A fertilizer plant first caught on fire, and everyone got concerned. A few minutes later, the plant explodes and wipes out within 3,000 feet in the area. Many people died or got injured and many buildings got destroyed.

No one knows what caused the explosion. People are assuming that a gas reaction from the fire caused it.

Everyone was forced to evacuate the city just in case another explosion happened. Only one tank exploded and another one is still there.

It will take a long period of time to reconstruct the whole area that got affected.

No one knows how many people died and some people are missing. 14 people are confirmed dead and about 300 people got injured. Nearby the plant, there was a middle school, apartment buildings, and a nursing home. Those all got destroyed. People were without food and water, and they had to get donations for help.


Bold- abiotic factors

Slanted- biotic factors

More about Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate is an explosive used around the world. It is very toxic if you inhale, consume, or even touch it. Hundreds of tons during the explosion were released in the air, causing a crater in the ground. It was 93 feet in diameter.

Pics of what happened

Fertilizer Plant Explosion - All 3 Angles
West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Health Concerns