Medical Doctor

Treats patients for basic illnesses and injuries

How will a foreign language be useful in this career? (Advantages)

Speaking Spanish will be very useful, it allows you to treat and communicate with a variety of different patients. It has recently been found by the U.S. Medical Institute that 64 percent of U.S. patients with limited English speak Spanish. Due to this it would be extremely valuable for knowledge of this language, especially so in areas with low English speaking populations. Also, in Spanish speaking countries I will be able to help both the Spanish and English speaking population.

What Disadvantages or Dangers come with this Career?

Even though sanitary protocols are highly stressed there is a possibility of catching various illnesses from your patients. Also, you are required to work long hours and sometimes limited resources that limit your ability to help patients. Lastly this career involves lots of responsibility and therefore a large amount of stress.

Average annual salary of around $156,000 for a pediatrician

Required Education

The first is a bachelor's degree. It does not have to be in pre-med but a degree in a pre-med or biology but it will be useful later. Next, is a doctorate degree in medical science. Lastly, a 3-7 year residency internship with a licensed doctor.

Some schools to get your medical doctorate are Meharry Medical School or Baylor College of Medicine

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