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Practice Exam & Federal Aviation Regulations

The Cornell Aviation Society will be kicking off our second half of private pilot ground lessons in the series. Our next session will be on Federal Aviation Regulations. This session is for anyone who would like to gain credit toward their pilot license, and anyone interested in aviation.

We will also begin working on practice exam questions for the FAA private written exam, as well as discuss test taking strategies and resources for additional study help. Drop by this Friday afternoon to catch up on your preparation.

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Welcome to our new aviation officers for 2013

Next Lesson - Regulations and Practice Exam Questions

Friday, March 1st 2013 at 3-5pm

Sage Hall - Room 134


  • FAR/AIM (Ithaca Airport, Amazon, or digital copy)

  • Pre-Read

  • Gleim Chapter 4

  • Stay on Track for Your License

    Upcoming Sessions

    Federal Aviation Regulations (Mar 1st)

    (and practice written exam questions)

    • Purchase FAR/AIM
    • Gleim Chapter 4

    Aircraft Performance and Navigation

    • PHAK Chapter 9 & 10
    • Gleim 5 & 9

    Navigation and Human Factors

    • PHAK Chapter 15 & 16
    • Gleim 6 & 10

    Written Exam Preparation

    Feel free to attend sessions in any order. If you missed previous sessions you can request to borrow the DVD copy to watch at home (email jll352@cornell.edu).

    Notes outlines from each session will be posted to the CampusGroups Page, available in the bottom right corner.

    Past Sessions

    Aircraft Systems and Aerodynamic Principles (Sep 21)

    • Study Gleim Chapter 1 & 2
    • Skim Chapter 1-7 in PHAK

    Flight Environment, Information and Communication (Oct 16)

    • PHAK Chapter 13 & 14
    • Gleim Chapter 3

    Meteorology and Weather Data Sources (Oct 29)

    • PHAK Chapter 11 & 12
    • Gleim Chapter 7 & 8

    Cross Country Flight Planning (Nov 29)

    • Purchase Plotter and E6B
    • PHAK Chapter 17
    • Gleim Chapter 11

    What were those materials I was supposed to buy again?

    We have made an amazon list to find your pilot materials easily (and get free shipping) Check it out here:


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    C.J. Kodani Co-President cek96@cornell.edu

    Josh Lapray Co-President/Flight Instructor jll352@cornell.edu

    Shawn Duggal Treasurer spd67@cornell.edu

    Juan Ortega VP of Corporate Relations jpo55@cornell.edu

    David Ganz VP of Marketing dmg329@cornell.edu

    AJ Jain VP of Events aj394@cornell.edu

    Carlos Cevallos VP of Communications cfc72@cornell.edu