My Role Model

Walt Disney

People in the world are not just here to sit on a couch and watch TV. Everyone has a purpose to be in this world.

My role model is Walt Disney because he impacted the world by inspiring children, bringing advancements in technology, and helping tourism business.

Disney can inspire kids in every way!

In each of his films, they would tell a message. “Mickey Mouse Club House” involved a message in each show about education and/or life lessons. When his family lived in Missouri, he began to draw, paint, and sell his pictures to nearby neighbors. At 16, he dropped out of school to join the army but was rejected because of his age. Instead he joined the Red Cross in France for one year as an ambulance driver. He was a movie producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. In his life span he won 22 awards.

In Disney’s successes, he would bring advancements in technology!

When Disney made theme parks, it would help tourism business!

Within a few years of the opening of Disneyland...

He began to make plans for a new theme park and in Florida. After Walt Disney died, his brother, Roy, carried on to finish the Florida theme park, which opened in 1971 with the name of Walt Disney World. Opening of the theme parks made nearby planes more active. It also made hotels more packed with people.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit ~ Oh What a Knight

He impacted not just children, but the whole world as well. His advancements in technology impacted todays movies and cartoons. Made improvements in today's hotels and planes. And his message to children impacted the world powerfully.