Eleanor Roosevelt

By: Michela Tenuta


Eleanor Roosevelt. You might know her as the first lady, or President Roosevelt’s wife, well whatever you call her she is always going to be a hero. She was very caring, helpful, and brave. And so these qualities only tell you one thing. Eleanor Roosevelt was a hero to others near and far.

Eleanor Roosevelt- Hero to others near and far

With all of this said, you can see that Eleanor Roosevelt was also impacted history. With all that she has done for the world. Like, trying to help stop segregation, allowing our nation to have a great, and trusting president, and helping us, by giving us food and even a new pair of shoes. She really helped America by spreading around her kindness and heroism. She showed the world to believe in themselves , to never stop improving, and to never give up. So as you can see, Eleanor Roosevelt had a big impact on history and was a great hero to others near and far.