Eye of the Storm

Hightower Parent Newsletter - Week of September 21st

Principal's Message - Mr. Roberson

Parents, I hope this message finds everyone well during this first month of school. As we begin to close out the month of September, I want to remind everyone about the transitions that will soon be taking place in the next couple of weeks. The Hightower admin team, counselors, and staff are working hard to prepare the school for a safe return for those that have chosen to be face to face. All students will continue to engage virtually with their teachers until we transition to a dual learning model of face to face and virtual. At this time we are asking for parents to flexible as you may see your child's schedule change during this transition. Our goal is to have minimal changes, but at this time there is no guarantee. Your child's instructors may change, so please keep track of your child's current schedule to ensure that the classes they are taking do not change. This will take effect starting October 5th. Listed below are the administrators here on campus that are ready to assist all parents and students. Do not hesitate to reach out to one of them if you need assistance.

HHS Administrative Team:

Associate Principal - Dr. Cozette Church - cozette.church@fortbendisd.com

Assistant Principal (12th grade) - Mr. Ronnie Adams - ronnie.adams@fortbendisd.com

Assistant Principal (11th grade) - Mr. Sam Burton - sam.burton@fortbendisd.com

Assistant Principal (10th grade) - Dr. Sharon Delesbore - sharon.delesbore@fortbendisd.com

Assistant Principal (9th grade) - Mr. Billy Polk - billy.polk@fortbendisd.com

Dean of Instruction - Ms. Mary Dowd - mary.dowd@fortbendisd.com

P-Tech Dean of Instruction - Ms. Adrienne Towns - adrienne.towns@fortbendisd.com

Keep it Sunny

Parents, below you will find important information to assist your child with the transition to face-to-face learning, as well as those who plan to stay virtual.

Week of October 5th face to face schedule:

  • 9th grade students (only) return to campus starting October 5th
  • 10th grade students return to campus on October 7th
  • 11th and 12th grade students return to campus on October 9th
  • On October 12th, all grade levels will return to campus

Face to face (F2F) Expectations/Protocols (more information to come)

  • Students will report to campus starting at 7:30 am.
  • Students will be expected to wear mask daily. The only time students can remove their mask will be while eating during lunch.
  • No food deliveries will be allowed to campus at anytime. Student must bring a lunch or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.
  • Students must follow the FBISD student code of conduct.
  • Student who are eligible to drive to campus must purchase a campus parking sticker and park in the student parking lot located on the south side of the campus (bus ramp parking lot side.) Students can no longer park at hall stadium when arriving to campus.
  • Daily Wellness Screener

    Each family is expected to complete the daily wellness screener in Skyward for their student.

    Signage will be posted at each entry with questions from the wellness screener.

    Students signify that they do not have any of the listed symptoms by entering the building.

    Wellness Monitors will follow up on students that have not completed the wellness screener and contact parents.

    We are currently developing a way for secondary students to complete the Skyward wellness app in an effort to facilitate the use of the app for our families and assist campuses with student entry.

  • Daily Temperature Check

    Non-contact temperature checks will be taken on all students as they arrive.

Virtual Expectations

  • Students will report to online class at 9:00 am.
  • Students will keep their camera on at all times.
  • Students must follow the FBISD student code of conduct.

Student textbooks

  • Students who would like to have a paper copy textbook will be able to request textbooks for all classes. In the coming weeks the campus will send out a request form for students to receive textbooks.

Voter Registration

  • This message is for all students who are eligible to vote. National voter registration day is September 22nd. The final day to register to vote is October 5th. Hightower High School will be a site for early voting for the 2020 election. We encourage all eligible students and staff to get out and vote.

Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15th - October 15th)

  • This month is Hispanic Heritage Month. On October 14th we will have a Hispanic Heritage celebration here on campus. More details to come in the near future.
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From the Dean's Desk

Hightower High School is an exemplary campus that thrives on giving students instruction that will prepare them for college or the career of their choice. Our campus is staffed with two instructional Deans who are here to support all students and teachers to help reach their full potential. Parents, feel free to reach out to our Deans of Instruction whenever you need assistance as it relates to academic success.

Dean of Instruction - Mary Dowd - mary.dowd@fortbendisd.com

P-Tech Dean of Instruction - Adrienne Towns - adrienne.towns@fortbendisd.com

Counselor's Corner

For all of your counseling needs, please contact any campus counselor. We are here to assist all students in making sure they are career and college ready.

Lead counselor - Michelle Dotson - michelle.dotson@fortbendisd.com

12th grade counselor - Stephanie Toussaint - stephanie.toussaint@fortbendisd.com

11th grade counselor - Irvin Casely-Hayford - irvin.caselyhayford@fortbendisd.com

10th grade counselor - Rose Powell - rose.powell@fortbendisd.com

9th grade counselor - Kelli Johnson - kelli.johnson@fortbendisd.com

P-Tech counselor - Ira Lynn Lewis - ira.lynn@fortbendisd.com

College and Career Readiness Advisor - Jacquelyn Hidalgo - jackie.hidalgo@fortbendisd.com

Fine Art's / Athletics

Parents, if you have any questions about fine arts or athletics, feel free to reach out to the staff members listed below.

Boys athletic coordinator - Joseph Sam - joseph.sam@fortbendisd.com

Girls athletic coordinator - Antoinette Santiago Rhodes - antionette.santiagorhodes@fortbendisd.com

Fine Arts Department Head - Brittany Hunter - brittany.hunter@fortbendisd.com