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History of the Wampanoags

Favorite Games

Written by: Nicholas, Elicia, Matthew, and Julia

Do you want to know how the Wampanoags played games? They played a game called Pin. They used a stick and a ring or pin. Then they put the ring or pin on the stick and whoever flips it the highest wins. They also played a game called Blind Man's Bluff with the pilgrims. It is amazing that the Wampanoags survived without technology games!


Written by: Hayley, Alex, Kylie, Joseph

Isnt' it amazing how the Wampanoags did their chores? Two boys buried a sack of corn before winter came. Fire and wood were very important to the Wampanoags. When it was winter, they moved to warmer places inland. They fetched gallons of water every single day. Wampanoags chores were very hard.


Written by: Connor, Jack, Carly, Anna

What did the Wampanoags learn in school? The most important thing for a boy Wampanoag to learn was how to hunt. One of the things they needed to help them hunt was a quiver of arrows. They needed to make them. The hardest thing to make was the arrows which was called "fletching". Women taught the young girls how fire was made. They got a stick and twisted it in a wooden hole. That's how they made fire. Wampanoags also had to learn how to hunt food. Wampanaoags had to learn many different things to survive.


Written by: Lucie, Meghan, Megan, Aidan

Do you want to know how the Wampanoags dressed? Wampanoag men wore loincloth made of deerskin. Wampanoag men went barefoot, while women wore shoes almost all the time. Men took a pouch of food and supplies when they went hunting. Almost everything the Wampanoag wore was hand painted witha teig similar to a toothpick. Occasionally, the Wampanaogs wore deer skin leggings, jewelry, body paint, and embroidered pouches and a tribal headdress. A tribal headdress took months to make. Both men and women wore jewelry made of stone, bone, and wampum. Wampum is known as clam shells and copper beads. The Wampanoags dressed differently but that doesn't mean they were different from us.


Written by: Emma, Ethan, Julia, Ryan

About 400 years ago, it was difficult to find food for the Wampanoags. They were expert fishermen. The bait was dried clam necks. They fished out of their mishoons or canoes. They hunted deer, chickens, turkeys, squirrels, and also duck. They loved meat stew that is rabbit,deer, and basically wild game and squirrel. The Wampanaogs did not have a refrigerator. They stored their food in the ground until they needed it for the winter. Wampanoags worked very hard for their food.

Wampanoag Homes

Written by: Luis, Christian, Jack, Delaney

What were wetus made of? Wetus were made of saplings bent into a circular shape and covered with bark. The wetus were also made of woven grass. In the winter the wampanoags lived in wooded areas away from the shore. The winter houses were called longhouses. Many people lived inside a longhouse. Some longhouses had many family members and friends. In the summer the Wampanoags would live in the wetus near the coast. Near the wetus, the Wampanaogs made pits for the corn to grow. They planted gardens near their wetus. Wampanaog homes were very different from our homes.