Feb. 8-11

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Bye, Hunter--We'll Miss You!

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Upcoming Events:

* No school tomorrow (Staff Development Day)

* Walking the Knollcrest Loop on Tuesday, 2/16 at PE (must have written field trip form).

* Office hours for Wednesday, 2/17 canceled.

* Science on the Go Assembly Friday, 2/19

*Hand and Foot Warmers for sale! ($3 for a set of hand and foot warmers-see flyer in Boomerang)

* Outdoor Ed payment due Feb 26 (or make arrangements with Mrs. Rydman for payment schedule)

* Medication Form (only if needed) due Feb 26

Questions to ask:

* Tell me about your new Lit Circle group...what book are you reading, what did you accomplish the first two days of work, when is your first deadline? (Students started reading one of four novels this week, in seven small groups. Each group came up with a reading plan and choose the roles they'd perform at each discussion.)

* Who are you writing your optional friendly letter to? How does the audience change how something is written?

* Tell me about the "3 Philosophies" class activity in History.

* What were the BIG IDEAS you took away about Legalism, Confucianism, and Daoism?

* How do you feel about your Cornell Notes from Lesson 2 in Science? Did you complete the assignment in 1 or 2 days? (It was a big section that covered a great deal of information about volcanoes.)

*Tell me about the Mt. St. Helen's note taking. (Students took notes on volcanic hazards including lahars, pyroclastic flows, ash and gases while watching a Mt. St. Helens documentary.)

*Have you decided on a study plan/schedule for your test next Thursday, 2/18?

* What is an area model? (can ask to see paper)

* Tell me about expressions and evaluating an expression.

* If you were sponsored at the Jogathon for $2 per lap and a $5 flat donation, what would that look like as an expression? (2x + 5, if x = number of laps run).

* In that expression, which part is the "coefficient" and which is the "constant" (2 is the coefficient, and the 5 is the constant). You could ask how much your child would raise if he/she runs 5 laps, or 10, or 20 laps and have him/her evaluate the expression.