RILINK Schools

Spring Newsletter 2020

A Message

When I started to work on this Spring edition, I had no idea my choice of background would be prophetic. You all have been doing an amazing job supporting your students, parents, and teachers. Please let us know how we can continue to support your work!

Reusing Content: Page, Box, & Content Type

Content may be reused at three levels within RILINK Schools: Page, Box, & Content Type (Assets). This allows sharing on your own Guide as well as across RILINK Schools. Please remember to reach out to the colleague who has created the content before reusing.

When do you Copy and when do you leave the Page, Box, or Assets Mapped is a common question. If you are reusing content that you own leave it mapped, meaning do not copy it. Content that is owned by someone else should be copied. This allows you to edit the content to meet the needs of your audience.

These three "minicasts" walk you through reusing a Page, Box, and Content Type.

* All Content Types with the exception of Rich Text may be reused.

To learn more about reusing existing pages, boxes, or content titles visit Reuse Content on the RILINK Schools LibGuides CMS Users Guide.

Colors of Tabs and Boxes & Accessibility

We all love color! But do we always consider accessibility when making our choices? An easy way to check your color choices and combinations is to visit WebAIM: Contrast Checker. For more more tips on accessibility visit Springshare's Best Practices for Building Guides & Accessibility Tips.

Statistics Reminder

Many librarians have created specific distance learning pages or guides in response to the current crisis. Others have added additional resources to their sites as a whole. One elementary school librarian's remote learning guide has had almost 2000 views since the distance learning began.

Just a reminder that you can check the use of your resources through the Statistics Tool. on the Orange Command Bar.

Check the Winter Newsletter for more info.

Request for Virtual Help or Training

LibGuides training/help is available virtually. Individual or group sessions may be requested. Just fill out the Request Virtual Professional Development Form.