4th Grade Newsletter

Mon., August 30 - Fri., September 10, 2021

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Thank you for all your help making NWEA testing a success!

It was truly a team effort from the students, learning coaches, teachers and staff. We are going to use the information learned from this data to help us plan and help all students grow.

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Role of a Learning Coach

With K12-powered personalized learning, you play an active and important role in your child’s education.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 30- Begin working in Math, ELA and History curriculum
  • August 30-First ELA Writing Sample Unit 1 Lesson 8 assigned in Seesaw (teacher graded)
  • September 2- ELA TGA (teacher graded assignment) assigned in Seesaw
  • September 6- Labor Day (no school)
  • September 7- Working in all courses, including electives
  • September 13- ELA Unit 1 Lesson 8 Writing Sample due in Seesaw
  • September 16- ELA TGA Due in Seesaw

Course Information


ELA Unit 1 has included reading and writing summarizations and comparisons of different Cinderella Stories. Students will continue exploring different cultures through these stories. After each story, your student will continue writing a paragraph (4-8 sentences) summarizing the story. You've also been encouraging your student to include the following

  • Characters (good and evil)
  • Setting (where and when)
  • Events (beginning, middle, and end)

Now students are starting to write narrative pieces. From September 2th-16th, 4th graders will be completing the Big Idea project by writing a modern-day Cinderella tale. This Big Idea is also the Teacher Graded Assignment (see attachment below for complete instructions). The TGA is worth a big portion of a student's grade, which is why we give them 2 weeks to complete it. It will be submitted in Seesaw. We will go over the details thoroughly in class on September 2nd.


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Students will be learning to compare and order numbers as they finish up Unit 1. Next, we will be moving to Unit 6 where we will focus on 2 digit x 1 digit and 3 digit x 1 digit multiplication in various ways.

Spend 20 minutes each school day working on multiplication facts this school year.

Multiplication Strategy- Double, Double

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Media Release Form

OVCA is focused on providing a safe virtual learning environment. With this in mind, we ask that a legal guardian complete the below survey for each student enrolled with OVCA. The media release form includes two sections: Photograph, Testimonial and Interview Release, and Face to Face Platform (webcam) Usage School-Guardian-Student Compact. You will be given the choice to accept or decline each opportunity.

Together we can help students reach their full potential through personalized learning this year! Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

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