Primary and Secondary Source

The difference between a primary and a secondary source...

A primary source is a document or a physical object , which was created during the time under study (original documents,creative works,relics,or artifacts.) A secondary source is interprets and analyzes primary sources. (publications.)

Ebola and how it spreads

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Non primary source

An American health-care worker who may have been infected with theEbola virus in West Africa has arrived at a hospital near Atlanta.

Emory University Hospital spokeswoman Holly Korschun says the patient arrived around 5:45 a.m. Thursday.

Details about the patient were not released.

Emory houses a specialized isolation unit that handled four of the 10 Ebola patients previously treated in the U.S.

West Africa is suffering the worst Ebola outbreak in history, with more than 17,100 illnesses and at least 6,000 deaths this year. Six of those treated in the U.S. were Americans infected while providing medical aid there.

This is a non primary source because it is a news report that was made recently.

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Non secondary source

Amber Vinson says she followed all the rules when caring for an Ebola patient. So how did the Texas nurse contract the deadly virus?

"I have no idea," she told CNN. "I go through it almost daily in my mind: what happened, what went wrong. Because I was covered completely every time. I followed the CDC protocol. ... I never strayed. It is a mystery to me."

Vinson, who was declared Ebola-free last week after treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, spoke with CNN's Don Lemon in an exclusive interview that aired Thursday. She described her experience fighting the deadly virus and fired back at critics who said she should never have boarded commercial flights after treating an Ebola patient.

"I'm a nurse. I care. I care for me, I would not put myself in danger. First, I would not take Ebola to my family and my best girlfriends. I would not endanger families across the nation, potentially exposing them to anything," she said. "I had no symptoms. There was no way, at that time -- I could not transmit it.

This is a primary source because it has a person talking about ebola in a interview.This was made at that time and it is about the topic.