Oriental Roach

The Oriental cockroach lives in south Asia and some parts of the U.S. It will eat the roots of trees in the Rainforest and any kind of plant except poisonous ones!


Most cockroaches eat anything, unless you're the Green Banana cockroach. They feed on only one thing... dirt. Cockroaches can also eat snow! Some cockroaches can spread diseases by nibbling on your food then you eating it.


Scientists say that male cockroaches are more narrow then the female. That's because the males are the ones who adventure. Because of there narrow body they can fit through tight spaces and run away quickly. The female have a wider body so they can lay eggs. The good thing about that is you can tell if they are a male or a female cockroach.


The cockroach life cycle starts with an egg, then it eventually comes out and is a nymph, after it molts a few times it becomes an adult, then it mates and the life cycle starts all over.


To stay alive, cockroaches either fly away, run away or even hiss! When they fly away they open there see through wings and they don't even look like a cockroach anymore! There is a cockroach that stands on its head and hisses when its scared.


Before cockroaches have babies they have to mate. After mating the female cockroach lay eggs. They can lay 30-60 eggs at a time.