Internet Safety

By: Theresa Hale

Why You Need To Be Safe Online

- Internet rules are not a bunch of rules TELLING you what to do, they are merely suggestions to help keep you safe from predators or even from you doing something that you dont want to do.

- If you ever DO incounter something like this, MAKE SURE to tell someone! It is better to tell someone and they can TRY to help than you trying to do it yourself and the problem remaining and you resorting to dramatic causes.

- If you ever need advice, there is hope. There is MANY websites that can help you, like the one below...



- Some more details are to NEVER EVER give out you password to ANYONE! There are alot of mischievous people in this world. If you give out your password a lot of things can go wrong, like someone hacking your account, posting mean/devastating things about you, or just going into your account and changing stuff around.

- One way to make sure this never happens, is to pick passwords that only you know. It is better to be safe than sorry.