5th Grade Friday Update

September 25, 2015

Outdoor Education 5th Grade Camp Open House

Just a reminder...parents and students are welcome to tour the Walled Lake Outdoor Education Center at 3577 Sleeth Ct., Commerce Twp., prior to their overnight camp experience. This is a chance for you to take an informal tour any time between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30th. Also, today was the deadline for 5th grade camp forms and payment. They are due to Mrs. Maten, Glengary's awesome secretary, as she needs to create a camp binder and submit all the forms to the director.

A Special Moon is Coming on Sunday...Check it Out!

ScienceCasts: Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon

Fifth Grade Learning Update

*Science – We finished with our pendulum experiments and discussed doing a controlled experiment. We then built “lifeboats” from paper cups and filled them with passengers (pennies) to see how many they could hold. We will continue with our lifeboat experiments next week.

*Language Arts – We will be working on our Developmental Reading Assessments next week. Students are really enjoying Independent Reading time and seem to have gotten right back into great reading habits! Hopefully your child is enjoying reading at home too!

*Social Studies - The Constitution Day projects were shared, and the students did awesome! Mrs. Bond will work on a highlight video this weekend, as there were wonderful projects! We also took time to learn about the structure of textbooks, and we did a couple of text mapping activities. Next week we are going to learn about different groups of Native Americans and learn how geography, culture, and history are interrelated.

*Math - Students continue to work in Unit 1, making discoveries about volume with nonstandard measurements. Next week, we will use cubic centimeters to fill prisms, and learn the formula for volume of a rectangular prism.

Ozobot...a programmable robot

Mrs. Bond shared an ozobot with the classes today. She received them from her work with the Imagination Foundation. Many of the kids wanted it to be shared in the update...as it would make a great gift! It does say they can be purchased now at Barnes and Noble. Mrs. Bond will bring them to 5th grade camp for more fun!
Ozobot - It's Your Move

Have a Great Weekend! Sincerely, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Cebulski, and Mrs. Hudson