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Rebel Review - February 2020

Rebel Rights - Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

January Notes

January was a quiet month at USC Elementary. Students and staff quickly settled back into our school routine after a long and well-deserved Winter Break.

One special day was MLK Day on January 20th. Many of our classrooms took part in special activities that day, including 6th graders doing a short writing activity in social studies. Hailey Chandler's writing was selected to share.

Also in January we sent out communication to USC Elementary families about recess expectations and designated parent parking in our parking lot.

February Dates

Monday, February 3... One School, One Book Kickoff

Wednesday, February 12... Volunteers in Plays at 9:00 am

Friday, February 14... No School

Monday, February 17... Presidents' Day, No School

Tuesday, February 18... MSU Department of Theatre and Dance at 2:00 pm

Friday, February 21... Grade 6 Valentine's Day Dance from 5:00-8:00 pm

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Reading Corps at USC Elementary

Who are our Reading Corps tutors?

My name is Reine Klein and this is my 1st year being a tutor with Reading Corps. I love working one on one with the kids in that age group of K-3. They are little bundles of energy and soak in EVERYTHING. And when you have that light bulb moment when they ‘get it’, and their faces light up… what an honor to witness and know you have made an impact on the rest of their lives.

My name is Julie Hindt, and this is my 3rd year being a tutor through Reading Corps. I served for 2 years at Grand Meadow Elementary as a K-3 Early Literacy Tutor. I am now serving as Kindergarten-Focus Literacy Tutor here at USC. When I started at Grand Meadow School I was a Paraprofessional and worked in the Media Center. I love working with the kids AND I love reading. I wanted to work with the kids individually so that hopefully they too would love reading as much as I do!

What is the purpose of Reading Corps?

The Reading Corps vision is that all children will become proficient readers by third grade so they have the skills they need for success in school and life. To accomplish that the Reading Corps places tutors at an elementary school to provide supplemental practice to children in Kindergarten through third grade to develop their reading skills. Reine, our Early Literacy Tutor, works one-on-one with 1st-3rd grade students. Julie, our K-Focus Literacy Tutor, works in small groups with primarily Kindergarten students and secondarily one-on-one with 1st-3rd grade students, providing individualized literacy support tailored to each student’s needs.

What is the best part about being at Reading Corps tutor at USC?

Working with the kids, the hugs, seeing their eyes light up when you see them someplace other than school, and to know I have made a positive impact on their lives. (Reine)

There is nothing like the smiles, hugs and the small victories that make such a big difference! I like to see the confidence that they feel when they can read something better then they could before. It makes it such a rewarding experience. (Julie)

What else about being a Reading Corps tutor stands out to you?

We use incentive and reward programs which include point systems and getting stickers, little goodies, moose money, golden tickets. Mr. Jurrens is generous enough to give his time to do something with the students in the Reading Corps program and a few of their friends. (Reine)

I like all the training we receive prior and during the school year. We have great people, known as Coaches, in the school and outside the school who are there to watch over us and help us whenever we need it. We have met other tutors from all over Minnesota who we also network with throughout the school year. But the greatest thing to me is all the wonderful kids we get to meet and help! I wish I could fast forward 10 to 12 years to see how the students are doing! (Julie)

To learn more about Minnesota Reading Corps, go to!

One School, One Book

February is I Love to Read Month and this year USC Elementary is reading Life According to Og the Frog. Check out the One School, One Book website and this letter for more details!
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Winter Weather

Parents - Please send your child to school dressed appropriately for the weather. As a general rule, we go outside for recess if the wind chill is 0 degrees or above. Please make sure your child has a winter jacket, hat, gloves/mittens at minimum. Snowpants and winter boots are highly encouraged!

If you need assistance in obtaining some of these items, please contact one of our School Social Workers - Jen Crawford ( or Melissa Haugh ( via email or call 507-553-5810.

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Flexible Learning Day Information

This August the USC School Board once again approved a plan to implement up to three Flexible Learning Days in the event of emergency closings during the school year. With the plan in place, students and teachers will do school work from home on up to three days when Flexible Learning is implemented.

PK-4 students will complete hands-on learning activities during the day and online work if students have WiFi and devices available. Students in grades 5-12 will log into Schoology, USC’s online learning site, and communicate with teachers to complete the tasks assigned. These potential days away from the school building would not be rescheduled as face-to-face school days.

Families and students will be notified in several ways that a Flexible Learning Day has been called: through the school messaging system from Superintendent Fleming, via the school website, via the school’s official Facebook page, and, if possible, in conjunction with the school closing announcements on television and radio.

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Transportation Changes


If there is a change in your child's regular transportation schedule, please continue to put a note in your child's planner so their teacher knows. We would also like to ask that you contact the elementary office. Your child's safety is our number one priority!

Elementary Office Contact Information

507-553-5810 - OR -

2019-2020 USC District Testing Information

United South Central Elementary

Nick Jurrens

Elementary Principal

District Assessment Coordinator

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