Suu Kyi (+Positive and -Negative)

by Taylor Dixon

Background Information

  • 1945-Still Alive
  • Born in Burma (now Myanmar)
  • Her father was assassinated in 1947
  • Her mother became the Burman ambassador to India in 1960
  • She married and has 2 children

Micro Conflicts

  1. Served decades of house arrest.----- +was freed and gave hope
  2. Feared that she wouldn't be able to return to Burma.----- -didn't want to leave
  3. Husband couldn't visit her because he was ill.----- -died without seeing her
Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi walks free after 15 years of house arrest

Macro Conflicts

1. Father was assassinated.----- -created a ruckus in Burma

2. Spent illegal detention.----- +she got out and got money

3. Burman military government cut off her communication with the outside world.----- -no contact for 1 year

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She was a competitor because she spoke out despite what anyone else thought, said, or did. #FEARLESS


"Fear is a habit, I am not afraid." -Aung San Suu Kyi

Link to Generalization

Suu Kyi was significant because even though it was hard and she had many trials and obstacles, she never stopped fighting for what she believed in. She was overall very optimistic and a very positive person.
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