Sir Isaac Brock (1769–1812)

War of 1812

'The Hero of Upper Canada'

Sir Isaac Brock was a key member of the war of 1812. He is known as 'The Hero of Upper Canada'. When the war of 1812 took place, Brock organized the defense of Upper Canada. He called a special session of the legislature at York (present Toronto), and although it refused to suspend habeas corpus, it did vote supplies. Sir Isaac Brock had the advantage of being the military commander and civil administrator of Upper Canada. Although Brock was outmanned, he did not hold his ground or retreat, but in a daring move advanced on Ft. Detroit. Hull surrendered without firing a shot. For this achievement Major General Sir Isaac Brock got the title of, 'The Hero of Upper Canada'.


Sir Isaac Brock was born on a small island of Guernsey in 1769. His family was rich. Brock was also the 8th son in the family. Brock loved to learn. He would often spend many hours of the day in his room, reading and learning new things. Sir Isaac Brock knew his father wouldn't give him any land. He then followed his three older brothers footsteps to became a soldier for his whole life.

His Death

Though, Sir Isaac Brock died four months after the declaration of the War of 1812, he was one of the soldiers most commonly associated with the war. Brock was 43 years old when he was shot by an american sniper. He was shot just above his heart, and died almost instantly.

Fun Facts

  • Sir Isaac Brock join the army at the age of 15
  • Brock was 43 years old when he had died
  • Brock had never gotten married
  • Sir Isaac book called, 'The Astonishing General' for his bravery
  • On 4 June 1811 he had been promoted to Major-General
By: Krishna & Vrushali