Victoria Blunt

Who Am I?

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I'm an arts management major, a musician, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, and a Southerner.

Arts Management major: I've known that I wanted to major in arts management since my junior year of high school.

Musician: I've been singing for ten years, have been able to read music for eight years, and I've played guitar for four years.

Aunt: I have a nephew who is 9 months old. We share a room when I go home on breaks or for the weekend. He's absolutely adorable!

Daughter & Sister: I've been a daughter and a sister for my entire life. I've lived with my parents and sister up until I came to college.

Southerner: I'm from the lowcountry of South Carolina (Summerville to be exact) and I take pride in my Southern roots.

Who Are the Past Influences of Your Life?

  • Mom: I act just like her. We're both genuine people who are concerned with what's right and put morals above everything else.
  • Dad: He taught me how to be strong-willed and to stop comparing myself to others.
  • Grandparents: Both influenced me academically. They taught me how to be studious and to take school very seriously at a young age.
  • Brooke: Brooke has been my best friend since Kindergarten and she taught me to be more outgoing.
  • Olivia: A good friend from high school who brought out the comedic side of me that was timid.
  • Carla, my sister: Carla was who I looked up to since she was six years older than me. Her influence got me interested in music and the French language.

What significant experience have you had that defines who you are today?

For most of my high school career, I suffered from anxiety over grades and being successful. One day, I was crying over getting a grade that I was not proud of and my mom put me in my place. She made me realize how ridiculous I was acting over something so minuscule, and since then, I've learned that it's okay if my best isn't up to preexisting standards, because NO ONE'S PERFECT. That whole experience made me look at my entire life and accept my shortcomings as apart of being me.

Who Are You Now?

Now, I'm an arts management major at College of Charleston. This is my 18th winter and my second semester in college. I still remain a South Carolina resident and I'm living in the city that I used to get excited to visit. Most of all, I'm a coffee shop lover, mediocre guitar player, singer with best friends who are from above the Mason-Dixon line.

Who Do You Aspire to Be?

As far as my career goes, I aspire to work in a performing theatre or with a traveling musical, possibly as a production manager or an associate artistic director. In I also aspire to be an activist for music education in public schools, as well as theatre/musical theatre opportunities in public schools. Music and theatre have provided so many skills and attributes in my life and personality and I believe that every child should have access to it. In life, I want to be happy and thrive in wisdom and knowledge. I aspire to be someone who is always learning and who is always willing to share what I've learned.