By Maddy Riley

How they happen

How do earthquakes happen? Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates rub together. Sometimes they can be really big and sometimes really small. They can be as big as 10.0The way they figure out is by using a Richter scale and if you wondering what that is a methond of measuring earths force.
What is an Earthquake? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids

Where they happen

Where earthqukes happen. Earthqukes can happen in many places. They can happen in Alaska and California. Alaska can have really big earthqukes once they had a 9.2earthquke. Scientist say there is going to be a big one in thirty years in California. That is where earthqukes happen.

What damage do they cause

What damage do they cause? They can cause a lot of damage so builders are making sturdier buildings . Earthqukes can nock over trees, buildings, houses, cars and lots of other things. Be sure to stay inside when a earthquke is occurring.

How to prepare for a earthqukes

How to prepare for a earthqukes. You can prepare for earthqukes by taking down glass hanging on the walls. Get a bag and put a flashlight, water, snacks a radio, and first aid kit. Remove any heavy or breakable items.

How do we reduce the impact on humans?

We can reduce the impact on humans by studies buildings. Put something over your head and it should be thick. If you are outside get inside as fast as you can and make to get under something. Some suggestions are get under a table or if you are at a house put matters over your head.


In conclusion, earthquakes are very dangerous. If one is happening stay somewhere safe. Put something over your head. I hope you enjoyed learning about earthquakes.