The Weekly Warrior

February 15, 2016

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How Teams can Transform Schools-Elena Aguilar

They also stay focused on their top goals and priorities (of which there are only two), assess the impact of what they do, and make changes when they see that certain actions aren't leading to their desired results. They learn together and make time for their own reflection.

5 essentials survey- Sorry for confusion

Teachers, for those of you who had the students take the provisional survey, they will be counted after the survey window closes. All other teachers should use the NEW ID#'s placed in your mailbox on Tuesday. These are the correct state ID numbers.

Survey Link

Tech Tip for Teachers-ICE Chip and Grant $$$$$

Where: Conrady Junior High School, Hickory Hills, IL

Cost: $5.00

Sign Up HERE!

What: ICE Cold Mini Conference

When: April 16th - 8:30AM -12:00PM

Where: Clarendon Hills Middle School, Clarendon Hills, IL

Cost: $5.00

Mark your Calendar!

Farmers Insurance Thank a Teacher Grant

This $2500 grant seems pretty great!

Fill out a simple application - I swear it is soooo simple.

The community votes for your application all through March!

If you want to try it is due February 29, 2016.


Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

It really is nice when staff recognize each other:) hint hint

Thank you, Michelle N, for letting me visit your classroom! I got a lot of ideas on how to improve my stations lessons, plus, now I have ideas for new station activities! C Anderson

Advisory Corner

No meeting this week, select a new representative for the last trimester.

Great things going on at OQMS-

  • Darche/Trobaugh-Co-teaching both teachers were actively teaching and feeding off each other positively as students discovered rules for working with triangles.
  • Rickerson-Peer/Teacher Editing with Rickerson and Google Docs
  • Whole Faculty-Great Discussions on Co-teaching during our SIP day, I was very impressed with the professional conversations and feedback about this topic as we move forward.
  • Bauer-Using a life size graph to teach reflection, rotation and having students create their own Khan Academy style video to teach others.

Challenge to OQ Staff: List Objective or I can statement for each lesson.