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5th Grade News - November 13th, 2015

Upcoming Events

* End of Trimester - TODAY! Report cards will be sent home Friday, 11/20.

* Conley Culver's Night - Wednesday, 11/18, 4-8 p.m.

*Unit 4 MATH TEST next Thursday, 11/19.

*Parent/Teacher Conferences - Monday, 11/23 and Tuesday, 11/24 from 12:00-8:00 p.m.

* NO SCHOOL - week of November 23rd - November 27th.

*Scholastic Book Fair - December 7th - December 11th. Details coming soon!

Music - by Joey

Hi my name is Joey I am going to be talking about what we did in music this week. First on Monday, the concert day we practiced a little bit in the morning and then in the afternoon we practiced for three hours straight, well we got a break so that was good. It was fun watching Mrs.Turk destroy Mr. Shaefer, we were all laughing. Then, on Tuesday the upstairs kids had their concert. I had a lot of fun at the concert and hope you liked this passage about music see you next time!

Math - by Alyssa

This week in math we have been learning a lot about using partial quotients. Just letting you know, we use that method to divide. We have to divide decimals and whole numbers. Some are easier than others but that is okay because we are all smart either way. We also have to know what to do with the remainder if you have one. We could either ignore it,or change it into a fraction or decimal,or you could round the number up. On Wednesday we took our Math Map test. We were nervous that we had to take it but we were all happy when we had no math homework. After that we just started practicing more. I think overall we had a lot of fun. Until another time, BYE!

Social Studies by Makayla

Hellow! As you probably know that my name is Makayla and I will be talking about Social Studies .In Social Studies we are talking about Colonial Boston .We are pretending that we are in the 1770’s in Colonial Boston .We got assigned a “family” that we will be in . On last Friday through Monday ,we made a house for our job that we were in ,and made afize for Colonial Boston.On Tuesday, we talked about that in our family we will pick a person we will be for example, you could be a dad,mom grandma,grandpa etc. . Also, about a biography that we will write about your person and that we will present it to the class.On Wednesday we had map test so we did not do social studies.On Thursday , we worked on biography for our person in the family.See you later, Makayla!

Art - by Brayden

Hi my name is Brayden and i'm going to tell you about art. First we have been doing butterflies and people for our project in art so we have to draw a picture of a butterfly or a person then we color in it then we wet a paper and print it on and lastly we color in the places that weren't printed well and thats all i got for now!!!!!


Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather! It was only 40 degrees at recess today, and it is only going to get colder!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Dana Turk