Are You Prepared?

By: Supreet Bhullar

How parenting is a lifelong commitment for which people need to prepare

You need a good job in order to be able to support their child because things such as their food, clothing, and other child needs can get very expensive, you need good parenting skills in order to take care of the baby properly such as raising, feeding and changing them, you need to refocus your lives and put hopes and dreams at the side in order to take care of the child.

Skills needed for parenting and how to develop them

Financial Awareness - money is a huge issue because having children is expensive since you have to meet their needs, financial decisions need to be made such as who will stay with the baby when, have financial goals for the near and distant future also backup plans. Communication Skills - shape child's relationship with the world by teaching them how to speak, how to be spoken to and basically teach them how to understand everyone, encourage the child's uniqueness and interact with them regularly, encourage socialization and how to talk to others with manners as well. Patience - child needs to learn that to get something they want they will have to put some effort, plays games with the child where it requires them to take turns, give small allowances as well as taking them out, show the child what patience is by letting the child throw their tantrums first rather than instantly screaming at them. Discipline - age appropriate punishments should be given to the child, giving consistent punishments will help them understand consequences and allow them to set their own boundaries as they grow up. Ability to Multitask - know when to become their doctor and when to take them to an actual doctor, have to become their life coach, teacher and manager by scheduling their daily routines, teaching them how to do things and how to interact with other people.

The wrong reasons for having a child

Everyone else is having one, want to give parents grandchildren, make spouse more responsible, pressure from spouse, to avoid loneliness, to save relationship, think it's fun, want more attention from others.

Family-planning considerations

How decisions will be made about the child, how the information about the child is shared between one another (frequency & emergency), figure out parenting schedules (when each parent will be spending time with the child), how parenting issues may be addressed, living arrangements, child and health care, make changes to parenting plan when needed, basic safety requirements, discipline & lifestyle expectations.

Factors that influence parenting

Money, family dynamics, personalities, emotional bonds (attachment parenting), parenting skills, culture, religion, age, education.