Lockdown Lowdown

Friday 22nd May 2020

This week's theme is 'crying because we lost.'

Beat the teacher? They certainly did!

This week, Mr Wheeler challenged the children to beat the staff to complete different activities each day. Star jumps, step ups, sock throw and tap ups were recorded for 30 seconds. Some teachers found that 30 seconds could feel like a very long time........

Anyway - even with a bit of cheating on the part of the staff members, they still didn't manage to win any of the challenges. Not wishing to admit such an embarrassing defeat, Mr W issued a final 'double or quits' rock, paper, scissors challenge but it was useless and didn't change the final result. The kids did it and wiped the staff out. The staff took it badly I'm afraid - there were tears and tantrums.

Crying because we lost - the Lockdown Lowdown playlist

Here are the songs played by Mr Wheeler on today's Facebook live streamed Lockdown Lowdown.

Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles

We Cry - The Script

Tears - Clean Bandit

No tears left to cry - Ariana Grande

Sigma feat Take That - Cry

I can't stand losing - The Police

Welcome to our fourth (and what may be our final) Lockdown Lowdown!

The message is clear - stay home, stay safe, save lives. But - just because we can't be together doesn't mean that we can't celebrate together!

These are our Superstars this week - nominated by their families to receive a special mention

First the 'Alex' gang!


I would really like to nominate Sam for his willingness to learn new skills and wanting to help around the house. Sam has helped with the gardening, watering the plants, has learnt to make scrambled eggs, bake a cake, make a trifle and even change a plug socket!! He has been an absolute star!


When Cameron was injured the other week, Nathan took to looking after him straight away and even dressed up as a doctor, fetching him medicine and teddies to comfort him.

I feel so proud of him for that as I have done throughout the lockdown. He has been really good with his brother and continued to show that they really are the best of friends.


We feel Megan deserves a shout out for her continuous hard work. She has accepted the fact she can’t see her friends and has adapted to the new way of working.

Megan has been keen to be involved in helping with household jobs like hanging out the washing and has taken Mr Osborne’s household challenge of tidying drawers to a new level. Both Megan and her Dad have very organised and colour coordinated drawers!!

We are very proud of Megan’s writing this week. Writing is not one of Megan’s favourite activities. She will readily admit this! So we were impressed to see her tackling her writing with determination and taking great care and time over her written work.

And the rest of you...

Even if you didn't get in this week's Lockdown Lowdown, your teachers are loving finding out what you have been learning at home. We are proud of each and every one of you.

Stay safe and take care!

Together we shine as one.