Mac Radtke

1. Mac's most extreme fear is going into his barn alone!

2. His favorite T-shirt is his Bevis and Butt head shirt.

3. In 20 years Mac thinks he will have a nice house and a wife and some kids and his hobby will be doing demo derby.

4. Mac's favorite type of music is rap, his favorite song is Eazy Duz It, Mac's favorite singer is Ice cube.

5. Mac's favorite book is the Guinness World Records, because it is cool to see what people do. He does not have a favorite author.

6. If Mac can be anything for a day, it would be a cat. He wants to know what they do all day when you are not home.

7. If Mac had money to help anything or anyone in the world, he would help the homeless because he wants to give them shelter, food and medical kits!

8. If Mac could have three wishes they would be to have 1 million dollars, to get a 64 impala and to bring back Eazy E!

9. If Mac had one day to do anything, he would drive cars in the field because it is fun and the car is fast!

10. Mac's favorite TV show is worlds dumbest, and his favorite actors is Jim Carey.

11. Mac would travel to Germany because he wants to see all of the old and cool buildings.

12. After Mac graduates he wants to live in the house he lives in right now, because it is close to town and still in the country!

13. Mac's favorite place to eat is Red Rooster, because his friend's grandpa owns it and they serve great food!

14. if Mac could meet anyone living or in the past he would meet his great grandpa because he wants to playon his farm.