Galaxy Election

Introducing Fini Strumza

Candidate for Director at Large

We strongly support Fini Strumza as Director-at-Large for the Galaxy Board because she is fair-minded, fearless and has the strength of character to speak out on behalf of owners, and in their best interests. Her Master's Degree in Business Administration combined with her experience as co-owner of an engineering firm is a clear asset to the Galaxy at a time when many critical decisions need to be made in the restoration of our facilities. Fini considers the Galaxy her real home, and as such her investment here is predicated not just on raising property values in the short term, but on building a strong future for all who live and work here.

You will soon receive a packet that includes your ballot. Please note that in this At-large election, you may vote for Fini even if you do not live in Tower 3.

Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead


  • INTELLIGENCE AND EXPERIENCE: With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, and over 20 years experience as both co-owner and employee of an engineering firm, Fini has the skills necessary to assess the problems we face with our infrastructure – old boilers that need replacing, a driveway that needs re-building, a generator that needs upgrading, hallways that need refurbishing, grounds that need repair. Fini can read a blueprint. Fini can perform a cost analysis. This means that Fini can make sound technical and financial determinations on our behalf. She knows it's more than just the Board’s fiduciary duty to consider multiple bids, it’s plain common sense. Fini has the skills to identify the contractor who will give us the best result for the dollar.

  • CURIOSITY AND A PASSION FOR KNOWLEDGE: Owners need to be educated consumers, but we don’t always have the time or interest in doing the necessary legwork. Fini loves to investigate a problem and has a great passion for finding the right solution. Owners can be assured that Fini will perform exhaustive research on their behalf in support of making intelligent, evidence-based choices no matter what the issue.

  • INTEGRITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: When it comes to handling our hard earned money, Fini deeply respects the trust owners must place in the Board. Her strong sense of integrity would never allow her to betray that trust. She believes the Board must be accountable to owners when deciding how, when and where to invest or spend. This means respecting our governing documents. She would never, for example, support moving money from one bank to another without full Board approval as required by our by-laws. She also believes that owners have a right to be informed of decisions in a timely manner, and given a reasonable context in which to understand those decisions.

  • EXPERIENCE AND DEDICATION TO THE GALAXY: Fini has a record of community involvement at the Galaxy as Co-founder of the Creative Eye, as a "coach" of the Bridge Club, and as a member of the Video Committee. She served on the Board in 2007 and again in 2010, getting the Galaxy out of debt by helping to resolve our $16 million loan and working to democratize election rules. She played an integral role on the team that performed over a year’s worth of research, making sure our new elevator project was done right. She actively participated behind the scenes by helping our (former) accounting department to resolve issues of monthly maintenance arrears. She also aided the Spa Committee in the process of revamping Spa rules, thereby ensuring that local non-residents could not illicitly take advantage of our pool and gym facilities.

  • TEAM PLAYER: Fini appreciates that the needs and concerns of owners take precedence over any single director’s personal opinions, beliefs or politics. She understands that being a Board director is a privilege, and thinks that every member of the Board needs to be conscious of setting a positive example for our community in the way they comport themselves at Board meetings. She sees owners, staff and members of the Board as a team sharing common goals, and would like to see us all acting in each other’s best interests, freely exchanging ideas and showing mutual respect. Fini will encourage the Board to really listen to owners’ concerns, and to act unilaterally in their assessments and decision-making.

  • HEALING THE PAST, LIVING THE PRESENT, ENVISIONING THE FUTURE: Fini knows that the only way to move forward at the Galaxy is to let go of the past. She knows what needs doing right here, right now and is ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work. Yet she is also here for the long haul, invested in creating a bright future for the Galaxy. She wants to do what’s right, not just what’s expedient, so that hasty, uninformed decisions made in the present don’t come back to haunt us in the future.


Fini travelled a long and demanding road before choosing the Galaxy as her home. The only daughter of Holocaust survivors, she was a child when her parents left their native Romania and immigrated to Israel. Growing up in a place and time when the citizens of her new country were tasked with building a strong new infrastructure, Fini learned that success in creating community did not mean every man for himself, but every person for the good of all. She performed manual labor in the kibbutz, earned an undergraduate and a Master’s degree, and began a career that encompassed work in diverse fields: sales, marketing, banking, and engineering. In 1984 Fini and her husband came to America and began all over again, building a new life from the ground up and becoming U.S. citizens. In 1997 they came to the Galaxy. Characteristically, Fini quickly proved herself to be a highly participant and thoughtful, committed citizen of her new community.

Fini speaks with the strong accent of her European-Israeli roots. Some people might find this a drawback. But once you get past her strong accent you will find a strong mind and a strong character that will be an equally strong asset to our community. She is known for her generosity, and has that rare quality of being a genuinely good friend. She deeply believes that people want to do the right thing. While she is most certainly a team player, by the same token Fini is neither a pushover nor anyone's pawn. She stands on her own merits. FYI Galaxy Owners and Residents believe she deserves to be considered on those merits.

Fini Strumza is a woman of courage and persistence. Through the ups and downs of her life, and in response to the demands of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, she has learned to be prepared, organized, and calm. These are virtues that will be well appreciated as a member of our Board.

It's important to vote: the new Directors-at-Large are the people who will help steer the Galaxy during the next three years. Because of her experience at the Galaxy and her background, we urge you to vote for Fini Strumza by returning your ballot in the mail, or voting in the Spa Lounge on March 4th, or by proxy.

With thanks, FYI Galaxy Owners and Residents

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Natalie Robbins
Sean Koppelman
Heather Cariou
Eugene Blum
Scott Rozman
Sanford J. Davis
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