The Child Called It

Author: Dave Pelzer


A child called it, is about a little boy who get beaten by his mother. He starts off as a loved boy with 4 brothers, he wasn't liked as a child throughout school, he was bullied often. The things that were done to this boy would never really be explained or thought of, this isn't a normal child hood "spanking" he was severely abused, to find out if he was saved you shall read the book!

What did i enjoy about the book??

  • I didn't enjoy the part of the beating but in my head i was comparing what actually happens to most children, but i enjoyed seeing what people go through.

Authors Writing Style??

The author has a writing style as if he was talking about it from "David" the little boy who was beaten by his mother.

Was the ending good??

I would say that the ending was great! I can't say that what the ending of the book is but i enjoyed it.

Facts about the author!!

  • He was twelve when his teacher stepped in too "save" him
  • He penned his first book in 1995
  • He has seven inspirational books