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This Week's Barista: Sara Ballon

This day in history: May 3rd, 1991

The last episode of Dallas was shown after running on CBS for more than 13 seasons.The show was famous for its cliffhangers, including the "Who shot J.R.?" mystery. The 1980 episode "Who Done It" was viewed by more than 90 million American viewers. According to Wikipedia (I was unable to verify), this was the second highest-rated single television broadcast in U.S. history, watched by 53.3% of American households.

Shot One: Hidden Stories

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From KQED's Mindshift

Give your students a chance to learn about multiple perspectives on historic events with these compelling websites:

Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History and Ourselves is a rich source of material for exploring the Holocaust and other instances of mass violence throughout history. Powerful lessons and units help students and teachers grapple with controversial issues and the complex nature of human behavior.

Global Oneness Project
Short videos, photo essays, and articles give students a window onto diverse life experiences around the world. From a Yup’ik man in Alaska teaching his grandson to fish to Mongolian nomads struggling to preserve their way of life, these valuable stories situate day-to-day events within a larger, historical context.

Many interviews in this enormous oral history project focus on witnesses to historical events, which can help students understand history as a lived, intimate experience. Students also can record their own stories and interviews, adding their unique perspectives to the historical record.

Zinn Education Project
Resources and lessons based on Howard Zinn’s well-known book, A People’s History of the United States, help teach a more inclusive version of U.S. history. Themed collections include immigration, slavery, women’s history, Native Americans, Latino history, Asian-Americans, LGBTQ people, and more.

SHOT TWO: PRINCE IS KING, Long live prince.

We are all Jess & Nick in this clip from The New Girl:
New Girl 3x14 - Jess & Nick meet Prince

Parting Words from your barista...

This is my last Double Shot...thank you colleagues, for letting me into your inbox. It has been my pleasure to contribute to the school in this, hopefully, meaningful way. I have received a nice number of e-mails this year with "thank you"s for some of the resources I shared and I hope that I have helped at least a few of you improve your practice, or even inspired you just a bit to think about adding some new resources to your repertoire. - SB