Come to Freddy Fazzbear Pizzeria

Eat some Pizza and don't stay to long or get a job there

Our Birthday is Coming Soon

Come join JP and Sketchy as they celebrate their birthday at Five Nights at Freddys.

Birthday party for Sketchy & JP

Wednesday, March 18th, 10:30am to Thursday, March 19th, 5pm

Five Nights At Freddys, Mohave County, AZ, United States


Bring extra money for games.

Adult supervision is there.

leave when chaperon leaves.

Birthday Party for Sketchy and JP

1. 10:30 meet at JP's house.

2. 11:30 we go to Five Nights at Freddys.

3. Stay till 7:30.

4. After at 7:30 go back to JP's house.

5. eat cake

6. sleep over

7. Party till 5