Medieval Castles

By: Rachel Ellison

How Castles Work...

Everyone who works in a castle has a certain job, the castle is too big to run alone.

  • Lord And Lady of The Manor- The owner of the manor/ castle and wis wife.
  • Vassal- A man who held a fief for the lord.
  • Bailiff- A person that had the importance of managing the manor.
  • Reeve- A person that is appointed or elected by the lord or by peasants.
  • Serf- They were to work on the lord's land 3 days a week and in return to use the land they had to pay the lord certain dues to use it.
  • Peasant- A low status tenant who worked on the plants, trees, grass, and farming, they had to keep up with 20-40 acres of this.
  • Cottager- A low class peasant with a cottager on the lord's land and they have very little, but work on simple jobs.
  • Servant- A house servant who worked on the inside of the house to tackle things like cleaning, cooking, ironing, and keeping up with laundry.

Why Castles Were Built...

France was not prepared to fight so castles helped protect. This all was influenced by events like the Crusades.

  • They were built for defending the people in the castle and they were built for military purposes.
  • The consisted of



*Large thick walls with weapons

*Cannons everywhere

*Most of the time place on a remote mini island

These things protects their castle from any threats, castles were not easy to access you could not get to a castle by just walking.

  • Some people say castles are like military headquarters.
  • They gave many people jobs, and some form of housing.

Many Famous Medieval Castles

  • The Tower of London
  • Warwick Castle
  • Leeds Castle
  • Windsor Castle
  • Chateau Galliard