Help Harry!

An engineering challenge for second grade


  1. Discuss with students the chart paper that shows the directions for the activity. This is a team activity, so they will need to be split into groups of three.
  2. Teams will ultimately design and engineer a perch to help harry (pom-pom) stay safe, using the engineering design process.
  3. They will brainstorm and sketch as a team for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes BEFORE seeing materials.
  4. You will then give each team their bag of materials. They will design a safe perch for Harry, making sure to follow the guidelines listed on the chart paper you should have already reviewed with students.
  5. ONCE EACH TEAM COMPLETES THEIR PERCH, YOU WILL GIVE THEM HARRY (POM-POM) to test it out. They can then make modifications if necessary.
  6. Each team member will rate one another's teamwork skills once they have built a successful perch.
  7. Tape a piece of masking tape to the perch with team name written on it.
  8. Once the perch is built, take a picture of it and email to
  9. Place the finished perches on your designated table.

Materials Used:

  • bag of materials: pipe cleaners, masking tape, muffin liners, foil, and index cards
  • pom-pom
  • pencils
  • copy paper
  • pens