The Bear Necessities

November 1, 2019

Prioritizing Your Work

I've attached a video below. It is about Executive Function Skills and Self Regulation. I have a hunch that this is why your classrooms may feel differently than they did even 5 years ago. This includes what we might refer to as ready to learn behaviors. I invite you to watch with a work friend and discuss. If there is a child or part of your day that pops to the top of your mind, take a good look at what missing skills are present for that child or for the most of the children during that difficult time.

Our first meeting this year together, we asked you to think about what really mattered. What have you changed in your classroom from years prior to accommodate the kiddos you now have? It's the end of first semester, a nice time to regroup and figure out if you are focusing on the right things.

If you are a home visitor, this is most likely going to speak to you as well. Important stuff for parents to realize they can teach/support.

Big picture

November 5th

SLP's - to Campbell library in the AM

Everyone else here for the day.

Para PD in the AM, more to come on time, we are hoping to give you some time in the classroom

PM - ALL staff to MPR for a presentation on trauma 1:00-4:00

For Your Newsletter: Art info for parents, also good for your review!! ALSO, Dip and Flip Coat Trick

Jeanie and Kerry

Monday - here, Jeanie out 11:00-1:00 for HS Mtg.

Tuesday - here

Wednesday - here, 1:00-2:30 Jeanie to SLC, Kerry on home visit

Thursday - Jeanie here, Kerry SLC AM

Friday - here, Kerry SLC 11:00-1:00