Science: Forms of Energy

By Emma T, Jamilex and Ally

Chemical Energy and Electricity

Food gives you chemical energy to breath, run, sleep, and think. Electricity is a form of energy. Electricity is a power source.

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, and Sound

The higher objects are, the more potential energy they have. If a vase falls, it turns into kinetic energy. Sound is another form of energy.

light and Heat

Most of energy comes from light. Light can warm objects up forming heat. Heat is another form of energy.

Vocabulary words

1. Energy -It's what makes things happen

2. Kinetic energy- the energy of movement

3. Potential energy - the energy something has based on where it is

4. Chemical energy- Energy that is stored in chemicals in matter

5. Heat- energy that moves from hot objects to cold things

6. Light- is natural or artificial types of brightness

7. Sound- a sound wave, something you hear

Review questions

1. A student eats a sandwich what energy is he eating?

A. light

B. sound

C. chemical

2. If some one were to through a vase of a deck explain what's happening.

3. Bob eats a 5 foot long hoggie and throws it away. What energy is he creating?

A. Kinetic

B. Sound

C. Light

D. Chemical

4. Bill bangs a symbal what kind of energy is he using?

A. light

B. sound

C. heat

D. fossil fuel