Adams/Koplik Scholarship Update

Koplik Certificate of Mastery and John & Abigail Adams Scholarship Overview

The Koplik and Adams scholarships are given by the state of Massachusetts based on MCAS scores and additional qualifications. The Class of 2023 will be receiving notification of their initial eligibility for the Koplik Certificate of Mastery Award in the upcoming weeks. Seniors will need to complete an application by May 1, 2023 to receive the award.

Please see the Department of Education's website for comparison of the two scholarships:

Seniors who did not meet the initial eligibility requirements will have one more opportunity to take the MCAS test in November 2022. This is a change from previous administrations where students were able to retake the exam in both November and March. Unfortunately, because this is a state based program and they determine the timelines, we are unable to offer the March retake moving forward.

Wondering if you should sit for the exams? Refer to your MCAS Score report sheet and consider the following criteria:

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Click here to sign up to take November MCAS retest

Seniors may retake the MCAS in an attempt to meet the eligibility requirements for the Koplik Certificate.

Koplik/ Adams Tuition Waiver Current and Recent Value

Both the Adams Scholarship and Koplik Certificate of Mastery are for the same monetary amount but that amount does differ from one MA State University to another.

Application Process and Award Information

These scholarships can only be used at Massachusetts public colleges & universities (e.g. Framingham State, Salem State, UMASS-Amherst, UMASS-Dartmouth, Mass Bay Community College, etc.).

Please note:
  • Adams Scholarship recipients do NOT have to complete an additional application to receive scholarship funding. If Adams Scholarship recipients do decide to complete the Koplik application, they can receive the recognition, but no additional funds.

  • Koplik recipients DO need to complete additional requirements. Please be sure to look at the Koplik application that is linked below to become familiar with those requirements to ensure that you would be ready to meet them.

  • Students will likely need to commit to their college PRIOR to receiving their Koplik or Adams letter. Please keep this in mind as you are making your financial aid decisions.

Download a copy of the Koplik 2023 application below. Application deadline is May 1, 2023.