California and migrant workers

by:Lauren Browning and Nathaniel Coker

California and migrant workers

California is 900 miles long, known for there cliff-hang beaches, has redwood forest,farmland and desserts. population 38.8 million. minimum wage is $10.00.

migrant workers are workers from any other countries normally from china.

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land of calafornia

The plants in California are adaptive to different climates and weather changes. the temperatures in California are nice 70s and 90 during the winter and hot during the summer. they have many droughts throughout the year, water droughts are the most common. forest fires are caused by extreme drought or by human causes. There are lots of dry land and dry salt lakes, lots of mountains and animals adapt to the land to survive in that type of climate and weather.

people of california

California is home to a lot of people and many famous people. But many people die in house fires because of wildfires that burn and reach people's homes and the people who fight the fires also have the risk of dying from the intense fires.

traffic in california

there are rock slides in the mountains and the roads can be closed for weeks because they have a hard time removing the rubble and debris and the same happens with earthquakes.

crops grown in california

California farmers grow grape walnuts almonds oranges and strawberries and lemons.

john Steinbeck simarities with california

The things that John Steinbeck has written in his books is very familiar with the actual California.

migrant workers

Many people in different countries come to America to work. During the 1930s migrant workers came from mexico and different countries in Europe. The conditions that migrant workers had to go through were tough and hard. But they did the best that they could to keep their jobs and provide for their families. Like people going in to the C.C.C.- The Citizen Conservation Corpse.
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