Tiana Slazar, Elizabeth Reyes, and Jennellee Samkhem

End Slavery Today!!!! We need YOUR help to end enslavement

Do you understand the pain of these poor enslaved Africans? Imagine being taken by Europeans and armed Africans to work under the burning sun for no reward whatsoever. The only way they can earn their freedom was by marrying a free person or by working extremely hard.
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European Invovlement

Portuguese brought enslaved Africans from the western coast and interior of Africa to Europe and Atlantic Islands.When Europeans arrived in west Africa, a new market for enslaved Africans opened.They used slaves to farm crops of cotton, grapes, and sugarcane.

In Africa

Africans and Muslims enslaved unarmed Africans. Muslims were not allowed to enslave other Muslims, but could enslave other people. So, they enslaved criminals and enemies captured in war. In Africa, Bantu chiefs raided nearby villages for captives and kidnapped men, women, and children from their homes.
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