Friday "before Fall Break" Flash

Special Edition - to do before break!

Change your password before you leave today!!

This will prevent getting locked out during the week -- IT WILL SURELY EXPIRE SOON.


  • Turn off your projectors (you should see a RED light)
  • Turn off your desktop computers – computers AND monitors
  • Take home your laptop or lock it away in your classroom. Do not leave it on your desk.

Coming soon in October and November...

Thanks for working together to keep our student laptops in good working order! SYNERGIZE!

Student notebooks in the laptop carts...

  • Logging on will take 60 – 90 seconds
  • Sometimes the menu bar at the top of the screen gets in the way, if you click the PUSH PIN (top left) it will roll up. To access it again move your cursor towards the top of the screen and it will return.
  • If you use a USB, click Connect USB Device, select your device and wait for it to activate. Might take some time for the USB to connect (allow up to 5 minutes).
  • You CANNOT log in to multiple machines with the same username/password.
  • Built in camera allows students to record video comments as well as adding photos to Wixie and other sites.
  • If a website is not working:

a. Try both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

b. Click on the far right of the URL bar to see if permission is needed to load the page

Have a wonderful and safe FALL BREAK!!