Dead Man Walking.

Amnesty International presents

TSU Amnesty International Presents "Dead Man Walking: the journey continues"

Acclaimed anti-death penalty advocate, Sr Helen Prejean, and author of New York Times Best Seller "Dead Man Walking," gives an eye-witness account of the death penalty.

Sr Helen Prejean was made famous by her book Dead Man Walking, as it was later adapted into a movie by the same title starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn. She wrote the book after her experience as a counselor to death row inmates. She also founded the organization Survive, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the families of death row inmates, during this time. For the past 20 years, Sister Helen has taken her anti-death penalty campaign all over the country and still remains one of the leading figures in the fight against capital punishment.

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Dead Man Walking: the journey continues

Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 7-9pm

Truman State University


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