Addison Hobbs

What are Addictions?

Most people have some type of addiction. Whether it's biting your nails, or smoking, or even taking drugs. Addictions may seem good, but most can be very harmful. "Addiction is a disorder of the brains award system which arises through transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms."

Addictions are very common in teenagers. Many teens struggle with bullying, depression, and anxiety, so they grow addictions to relieve the pain."... Alcohol and other other substances are a way to self mediate and cope..." Drugs or alcohol may seem like the good way to go, but the results will backfire. "... Drugs and alcohol put you in danger."

Present Day

Amanda Bynes

Have you ever heard of Amanda Bynes? You probably have, considering she starred in many movies and tv shows as a teenager. Amanda's acting career has been tossed in the garbage can."... From use of drugs, consumption of paranoia, and by spending $1.2 million in a few months, Amanda has ruined her life." Amanda's parents have been seeking for help of Amanda's addictions to drugs and plastic surgery. Hopefully Amanda will one day see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Amanda's Impact

Many people may think Amanda negatively affected our society, but I believe that she positively influenced it. Amanda is a great example of what drug addictions can do to you. "... Mental instability has landed trouble..." Amanda, like many other celebrities, chose the wrong way to go. "... She believes she's being held in the psychiatric hospital illegally..." Addictions pulled Amanda downhill, and that's what they can do to you.

Fun Facts

1. "More teens die from an addiction to prescription drugs than to normal ones..."

2. Teens who know the risks of drugs probably won't do them.

3. Exposure to tobacco gives teens higher chances of getting addicted.

4. Addictions can be unpredictable

5. Addictions can be recovered from.


The event that inspired me is the death of Cory Monteith. Cory was a drug addict for several years. One day he was found dead in a Vancouver Hotel. Nobody really knew he was an addict. This is what addictions can do to you.


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