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Weekly information for Bear Tavern - February 5, 2016

Our Time is NOW...

Note from the Principal

Happy Friday Bear Tavern Staff,

I have to admit, I think that February is the toughest month of the year. We come back in January still recharged and excited from Winter Break and February is the long cold road before we get to spring time. And after long, busy days on Monday and Tuesday, I was certain that my theory was correct. But as we wrap up the week, the things that seemed so large and so stressful on Tuesday, are fine and we're moving on to the next items.

It is so important to remember that for every tough or frustrating thing that we encounter, there are five amazing ones at Bear Tavern. And that if we support each other (even when we are frustrated) we can do anything. In fact, the article of the week (actually a TED Talk Video) talks about how frustrating events and situations can actually bring out the best in us and make us more creative! It is definitely worth a view. I will work to remember that this month - to look for the good and to remember that even in the struggles, if I hang in there, I might actually do something good and be better off.

Even if you did not participate in the Self-Care Challenge, please put some thought into taking care of yourself and setting time and energy aside to make sure that you are focusing on staying rested, hydrated and relaxed as best as you can!

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Faculty Musicale on Friday - the video is below. ENJOY!!! We have some talented staff members.

We are expecting some snow in the morning so keep an ear out for any updates and PLEASE BE CAREFUL coming in. Give yourself some extra time.

Have a great weekend and thanks for all that you do!

Happy Friday.



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Special Reminders & Upcoming Dates

Information & Reminders:

SGOs - Please make sure you are checking over your SGOs to ensure you are on-track and your goals/data are appropriate. All changes must be made by February 15th. If you think you need to modify or edit your SGO, please send me an email (if I am the administrator checking your SGOs) or your supervisor, and let them know of your need to adjust your previous goals/data. OnCourse has just updated their system so that the admins can now edit and approve your new goals quickly, rather than having to go through Tricia Pinelli or Tony Suozzo. If everything looks alright and no changes are needed, please send me an email (or your supervisor) so that you can be moved into the "Final Implementation" stage of the process.


HVEA Spring Grants - Free $ to do awesome things!!! Grant proposals are due by March 11, 2016, but can be submitted anytime. This is a great opportunity for research and development and to try something innovative or exciting. If you need help, just reach out.

Optional Meeting - I'd like to have a meeting for anyone is interested in pursuing the Eco-Schools USA program. Essentially, Eco-Schools, USA is a framework that helps to embed sustainability into schools. In our case, it would highlight, firm up and reinvigorate many of the incredible practices that are currently happening. The meeting will take place on Thursday 2/18/16 at 4 pm in the library. The meeting will be an informational overview and anyone who is interested is welcome. CLICK HERE for more info about becoming an 'Eco School'. See article regarding Ben Franklin Elementary's Green Flag CLICK HERE

American Education Week - Don't forget to let Lauren know when you invite families in to share a lesson for American Education Week if you haven't done so. You have until the end of the year, but this is a reminder to let Lauren know when you do it.



2/8 - Grade Level Meetings (see Dan Umstead's email)

2/10 - *No Principal's Cabinet Mtg.* (it is Ash Wed., we will reschedule for 2/17 8 am)

2/12 - Pre K Valentine's Party, K Valentine's Party, Pre K Post Office (9:30 - 11)

2/15, 2/16 - No School President's Day

2/17 - Principal's Cabinet

2/17 - Faculty Meeting

2/18 - Eco-Schools Mtg 4 pm

2/18, 2/19 - Spring Book Fair

Bonus Resource from Vicky Pilitsis

Quote of the Week:

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Article of the Week:

Really thought provoking TED Talk about how dealing with frustrations (and yes, we all come across them) can actually bring out our BEST work. Great reminder about focus and perspective. Fifteen minutes long, but really powerful.
How frustration can make us more creative

Tweet of the Week (to highlight great ideas & people to follow)

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