American Cancer Society

Founded in 1913 by 10 doctors and 5 laypeople

American Cancer Society(ACS)

The American Cancer was founded because at that time a cancer diagnosis meant death and the doctors wanted to prevent cancer and help people who have cancer. The American Cancer Society helped people who have cancer. ACS is a service that provides help,and treat people. Our organization is funded through donations. So please help us and the community.

ACS saved 14.5 million lives.

ACS Mission

Our mission is to to eliminate cancer,preventing cancer,saving lives, and to find a cure for cancer.

Our accomplishments

One of our major accomplishments is that we could save 14.5 million lives. We have many challenges but one of our challenges is that we have to face our patients not getting better or that our patients couldn't make it.

Come Help Us

If you would like to help us you could give us donations or you can come work with us. We need more help on information technology. If you like computers or technology you would be perfect for us. All what you will need are degrees that will align with the job or a recent graduate. If you like technology and help the sick please come help us. We will appreciate every second. For more information please contact 800-227-2345, thank you.