New Product: The Smartbot Pro

By: Makenzie, Alyssa, Ashton, and Brayden

Introducing the Smartbot Pro!

What the SmartBot Pro does.

The SmartBot Pro is in use for teachers. It will help students if they need help on their homework. Also, it has slide out compartments to store pencils and erasers if a student needs one to use. For teachers it can help them when they need to pass out paper to the class if they are taking a test. The SmartBot Pro will also take errands if the teacher needs something from the office.

Special Features

Some special features about the Smartbot Pro is that it can come in various colors. For example it comes in colors like red, purple, blue, green ect. You can also get upgrades. If you pay extra money for the Smartbot Pro, it can have more than one color on the robot.


The people who will be marketing our product will be from all originalities. Our product is mostly mainly for teachers. The age for the product can be from all ages of teachers and it is safe for kids use, also.


The Smartbot Pro is amazing because it helps teachers teach 80% better to their students everyday with the Smartbot Pro. It also helps students learn better with the Smartbot Pro help.


If you call now in the next 10 minutes you will get a free coupon for the Smartbot Pro upgrade!!!!

Celebrity Endorsement

Aaron Rodgers is supporting our idea so you should use the Smartbot Pro too! He loves this product.