Dominique Smith



I was born October 15,1995 in Houston, Texas. I am 17, '5"4.9, dark brown eyes and sometimes they turn light brown, and I have dark colored hair. I love to read interesting books that can keep my attention. I really don't have anything favorite. I'm not to much of a people's person around certain people. I'm shy, kind-hearted, mean, sarcastic, fun, funny, and etc. I don't play about people I care about. I'm hard to get mad but its easy to get me aggravated. I really don't like stupid or dumb stuff, everyone has common sense. I work hard at whatever I do, because I have to set high standards for myself or I will fail. I'm working on becoming and architect and a contractor, because I want to build and design my own house and etc. I love all types of music and dances. I respect any and everyone as long as they respect me. Treat me wrong, I'll treat you better. I don't like people who hold grudges, get mad and get over it! I live In Lithonia. I have two families, my real family and my other family. ( Real family) I have two little sister's and one older brother. (Other family) I have two little sister's and two older brother's. I'm looking forward to the future and what it brings!

Me and My Mommy Birthday

Tuesday, Oct. 15th 2013 at 12am to Wednesday, Oct. 16th 2013 at 12am

Lithonia, GA

Lithonia, GA

Turn Up! Turn Up! Turn Up! Turn Up! Hold Up..... Wait...... Turn Down. I Don't Know What I'm Getting Or What We Doing For Our B-Day. I Want To Much Anyways, TRAGIC!!!!!! I Just Hope I Receive My IPod Or Tablet. To be continue...........Turn Up! Turn Up! Turn Up! Turn Up!

RaVaughn - Best Friend (Clean Lyric Video)